Optimize your workflow with the perfect home office

November 6, 2014

Organizing and maintaining your home office doesn't have to be daunting. Use these tips to make your home office both efficient and comfortable.

Optimize your workflow with the perfect home office

Get the basics for efficiency

You probably already have a desk, computer, printer and other office accessory-type items. Be sure not to overlook all the ancillary items that make sitting down at a desk and getting work done flow smoothly.

  • For example, a wastebasket, recycling bin, basic filing system and a shredder.
  • The latter is especially important when it comes to keeping sensitive information private.
  • Things such as binder clips, storage bins and desk organizers can also help keep things in their place.

Establish the right workflow for you

There will be some who insist that their desk is always perfectly clean, while others can't work unless it's a bit cluttered. The important thing is to make it work for you.

  • Part of that task is setting up a clear work flow.
  • That usually means having an inbox, clearly marked progressions and a defined place for finished projects.

Using a filing cabinet

Remember that laws often require keeping important documents for three years or more, so don't throw papers out unless you're sure they're unnecessary.

  • A filing cabinet can be useful for keeping these documents organized and still available for consulting.

Keep up with the housekeeping

Cleaning routine

Too often, home offices get cluttered over a period of time, until the person working there starts to feel overwhelmed. To keep that from happening, establish a cleaning regimen right away.

Get rid of clutter

Get rid of things like pens that no longer work and paperwork that's no longer needed. Clutter happens frequently when you start keeping things you don't need.

Decorating and layout

You will be working in this space, so decorate it in a way that suits you.

  • Wall art is interesting, houseplants add colour and freshness, while bright colours can help with your mood.
  • Put the desk where it will allow easy access and be well-lit.
  • Keeping good light is very important for your eyes and your energy level. If it's too dark, you will feel less motivated.

Make the space your own. If you make your home office a more appealing place to work, you're likely to spend more time working in it.

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