How to find an affordable hair salon

November 18, 2013

Despite the appeal of those swanky salons you see in the shampoo commercials on TV, you don’t have to empty your piggy bank to get the latest hairstyle. Many great hair salons offer affordable solutions for an up-to-date look that won’t eat into your monthly grocery budget.

How to find an affordable hair salon

Hairdressing students

  • A lot of affordable hair salons can offer great value for money by hiring hairdressing students or new styling school graduates.
  • It’s not a big compromise for the client, because newbies are most likely guided by their professional colleagues, and they’ll also be in tune with the latest trends and techniques.
  • They are usually young, dynamic and have only one wish: to give you a cut or a hairstyle that you love so much you’ll want to come back to them again.

Keen to please, students sometimes offer little bonuses, such as a scalp massage and a beautiful blow-out for a lot less than you might expect to pay. It is a positive experience that also gives an opportunity to future hairstyling stars to test their newly acquired skills.

Less décor, more services

  • Affordable hair salons are also usually places that have chosen not to invest as much in décor and glitz in order to be able to focus on services.
  • Naturally, they have all the standard styling tools, and their skilled hairdressers can afford to offer good rates on cuts, sets, colouring and hair care treatments.


  • Some salons give special offers for a particular clientele on a specific day of the week. Look for a day when discounts are offered to students or seniors.
  • Some affordable hair salons reward loyal customers with reductions in price after a certain number of visits or referrals.

Blow dry bars

  • A half-hour appointment that includes a shampoo, curls and blow-out is a great way to save money.
  • These affordable hair salons leave the cutting and colouring to full-on salons and so are able to offer quick service and the latest styles to all their clients.

You’d be surprised by how many affordable hair salons are out there. They usually offer the same services as the more luxurious salons, but with a bit more simplicity in the surroundings.

So sit back comfortably in your hairdresser’s chair and make the most of your chance to relax and be transformed.

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