How to find a pet-friendly hotel

October 31, 2014

Planning to bring your pet with you to a hotel on your next vacation? Here’s how to find the ideal room, nearby pet-friendly attractions and a checklist of what to pack for your pet.

The pet-friendly travel market is a burgeoning one. Many hotels cater to pets with services like doggy day care, pet stores, pet spas and washing facilities, and so on. It just makes good sense to offer animal-inclusive amenities and attractions such as dog-friendly restaurants, beaches, tours, events and trails. Here's how to find one.

How to find a pet-friendly hotel

Do an online search

Finding accommodations is as easy as ordering a pizza. An Internet search on “pet-friendly hotels (destination)” will land you a bevy of links where you can find a good place to spend one night or several. In fact, you can find entire sites dedicated to pet-friendly vacations.

Vacation fun for you and your pet

Some hotel may offer off-leash play areas for your pets. Others include restaurants that welcome pets. In general, you will find pet-friendly hotels have lots of activities your pet can be a part of.

Packing tips

You probably have a list (at least a mental one) of what to pack for yourself and other family members. But have you thought of items your dog will need? Consider the following tips:

  1. Change is difficult for your pet. Minimize the confusion by keeping their diet stable; bring the same food and treats they eat at home.
  2. Because in stressful situations pets can act out, bring familiar toys for them to chew.
  3. Extra towels and garbage bags are handy for clean-ups.
  4. It goes without saying you will need your pet’s leash and all tags.
  5. Pack a first aid kit in case your pet gets sick or hurt.

The kit should contain:

  • Plastic bags and duct tape for a waterproof covering
  • A pin or needle and lighter for tick removal
  • Polysporin
  • Varying sizes of bandages for cuts and scrapes
  • Tensor bandages for sprains or broken bones

6. Don’t forget to bring proof of vaccinations, in case you need to show them in order to stay at a particular property.
7. If your dog sleeps on special blankets at home, bring them to enhance the feelings of familiarity.

Don’t get ticked off

You can remove ticks, which are blood-sucking insects that can carry disease, from your dog by heating the needle or pin with the lighter and placing the hot metal on the back side of the tick’s head, near your pet’s skin. The tick will then be easier to remove, which you must do slowly and carefully to avoid leaving the insect’s head under the skin. If left on the dog’s body, the tick’s head can emit a poison under the skin.

You’ll also wish to invest in flea protection before you leave home. Many of these treatments take care not only of fleas, but also several other types of infestations.

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