4 ways to repair hail damage to your car

November 19, 2014

When rain turns to hail, it can be an impressive sight, that is, until you see the damage to your car. Depending on the size of the dents, here are some repairs you can try.
1. Use a hair dryer

If your car only has a few small dents and there isn't paint damage, it’s possible to pop out the dents using a hair dryer. The heat should cause the metal to expand and pop the dent out. This usually only works on very small dents.

Aim the hair dryer at the dent for two minutes at a time until it pops out, keeping a few inches of distance between the end of the hair dryer and the surface of the car. Ignore your neighbours' puzzled looks.

2. Dent repair kits

These inexpensive kits can be found at most automotive repair stores and come with easy-to-follow instructions. However, do not attempt to use one of these kits on larger dents, as you may cause more damage than repair.
3. Go to the pros
If you really want to ensure your car's surface is fixed, especially if the damage is extensive, you'll probably need to go to the pros and ditch the DIY repairs. You may be able to pay just the deductible if you claim it under your comprehensive auto insurance.

Be sure to get a few estimates and choose a reliable shop.
4. Prevent a repeat
Once you get your car’s body all sleek and sexy again, the last thing you want is for another freak hail storm to beat up your buddy.

If you don’t have access to an underground or covered garage, buy a car cover and be sure to use it when you hear hail is on its way. Park in shaded, covered areas where possible.

If you have no other option and you know a storm is coming, park in an underground mall lot. Your car’s exterior will thank you for it.

4 ways to repair hail damage to your car
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