3 easy DIY fixes for your car's interior

November 19, 2014

Keeping your car's interior pristine in the face of pets, friends, children and all their messy habits can be tough. Here are some easy DIY fixes you can try.
Professional detailers and interior specialists can cost a lot, but don’t panic. Below are a few easy tips on how you can clean and repair the interior of your car on the cheap.
1. Dog hair
Loving your dog is one thing. Loving what they've done to the backseat is quite another. Here are some suggestions for getting rid of dog hair on the fabric in your car.

  • Vacuum the upholstery the best you can. There will still be lots of hair left. Don’t panic.
  • Mix three teaspoons of fabric softener with a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spritz the upholstery (don’t soak). The fabric softener will loosen the hair so it becomes easier to remove. Bonus fresh scent to cover up the dog funk.
  • Use rubber gloves to rub down the upholstery. Rub in a single direction and form the hair into larger and larger clumps that you can quickly vacuum up.
  • This method will take a while and is a tedious task, but is quite effective at getting the majority of dog hair out of the fabric of your car.

2. Seat repairs
If the interior of your car suffers from a tear in the seat upholstery, you may be able to repair it yourself. Buy an upholstery needle and strong thread found in most sewing supply stores. The upholstery should have some stretch in the fabric, and you can mend the tear yourself. It won’t look pristine, but it will stop further tearing.

Another alternative is to call your local auto junkyard or salvager to see if they have a matching seat for your model of car. Often they will even install it for you for a few extra bucks.
3. Carpets
Dirty feet really do a number on the car floor. But with a little elbow grease and the right tools, you can bring the carpet back to a respectable look.

  • Remove rubber mats and wash with warm, soapy water. Use a stiff nylon brush to get excess muck off. Allow the mats to dry completely.
  • To clean the carpet, use liquid carpet cleaner and a stiff brush. You need to loosen the dirt and then get it off the carpet. Wipe up the excess with a rag and repeat.
  • A steam vacuum can be rented from most grocery or home stores and can be a great way to suck up the muck you’ve released by scrubbing. (If you do rent one, be sure to use it on your seat upholstery while you’re at it.)
3 easy DIY fixes for your car's interior
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