How to get affordable snow removal

December 1, 2014

It was the storm of the century, and you head for the dreaded shovel. But wait! Did you know that snow removal services aren’t necessarily that expensive?

How to get affordable snow removal

When it’s more than just a few flurries

Do you have to arm yourself with patience and a variety of shovels every winter as you confront the chilly rigours of Mother Nature?

  • When it’s just a few flurries, clearing the front step or driveway isn’t a big deal, but for those big storms, you’ll be grateful you hired an affordable snow removal service.

Preparing for snow removal

  • Many snow removal vehicles require about 3.5 metres of headroom, so before winter starts, it’s important to remove any branches that may get in the way.
  • If you shovel your steps and in front of your garage door, you might want to do it before the snowplow comes along in the morning.
  • To facilitate snow removal during the night, leave about two metres between the street and your vehicle.

Keep your eye on the details

Don’t leave the usual driveway paraphernalia lying around.

  • Garbage cans, extension cords, and toys will pay a heavy price if they’re left in the way of a snow removal vehicle.

Ensure that the water shut-off valve is not situated in your driveway.

  • If it is, contact your municipal public works department to have the situation corrected.

Be sure to have a fixed rate written into your snow removal contract in order to avoid any unhappy surprises.

  • In other words, no matter how much snow falls over the winter, no additional charges should be added in the spring.

Check if the snow removal service starts with the first snow and ends after the very last storm. You don’t want to be taken by surprise if Mother Nature decides to play a trick on you!

Keep in mind that most snow removal services give free estimates. Take the time to check.

  • Once you have chosen a company, make sure the elements that are important to you are written into the contract: snow removal schedule, the area to be cleared, price, time of payment and the spreading of sand or salt.
  • The more precise you are, the more likely you are to receive the services you want.

That’s good to know!

Anyone with four-wheel drive and an attachable plow can offer a snow removal service.

Even though the majority of companies are honest, you definitely don’t want to do business with someone who has more clients than they can handle or who waits until morning to start work. After all, the point is that you want to be able to get to work.

  • Beware of snow removal contractors who don’t have a fixed address, who offer radical cut-rate services, or ask you for a deposit.
  • Shop around before signing a contract and don’t hesitate to ask questions. For example, can you pay in several instalments? Where will the removed snow be put?
  • Do your homework and ask for references before entrusting the job to a snow removal service.

Sit back and relax

After that, all you’ll have to do is make the most of the pleasures of winter, and that shouldn’t include having to shovel your driveway morning and evening — it can be so much easier to call on the services of a snow removal expert.

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