How to get deep hotel discounts by booking online

Saving money on travel is as simple as knowing where to look. Check out these simple tips for how to get deep hotel discounts by booking online.

How to get deep hotel discounts by booking online

Book directly on the hotel's website

Hotels will often provide a discount code on their site for people booking directly with them. In addition to these discounts, you also get to see the exact room rates to help you compare and save when shopping around.

There may already be a percentage off the room available, making the hotel discount code stackable for additional savings. And signing up for email newsletters and special offers with a hotel chain can turn up additional codes to shave more off the price.

Explore travel websites

While booking directly with the hotel can be a great way to find discounts, websites for booking whole trips are handy as well. Along with lists of hotels that can be sorted by price, quality, location, and other characteristics, they also sometimes have discount codes available exclusively for their website users that deepen the savings. These rates and codes can even extend to include additional aspects of the trip such as airfare, dining and entertainment.

Being able to customize your travel plans and save money while doing it is definitely a great way to kick off your vacation.

Check the fine print in travel publications

Printed travel publications often contain not only information about locations, but also special hotel deals and discount codes available only through that particular outlet. These magazines are usually regionally based and readily distributed in areas where the coupon codes apply. Travellers can quickly scan the headlines of each page to uncover hotel discount codes.

Visit online coupon sites

Another excellent place to find hotel discount codes are online coupon sites that deal with travel, among other things. These sites are excellent resources that offer a variety of deals that are updated frequently. A quick Internet search will uncover a few reputable sites.

Because these sites typically change their offers quickly, finding the right coupon code for your specific needs is sometimes a matter of signing up for notifications about your desired destinations. These sites are often among the most reliable sources for discounts. Their sources are broad and offer many options from competing hotels.

Explore every possibility

No matter how far or wide you are looking to venture, always use these online resources to their fullest. The incentives they offer go a long way to saving you money. On top of instant savings, these offers can also help you accumulate loyalty points with those businesses. In turn, that gives you the chance to create free (or even cheaper) stays at their locations in the future.

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