How to get great wedding photos

A wedding is one of life's most momentous events, and having memories of the day is vital, so getting the right shots and creating beautiful portraits is a crucial part of the event.

How to get great wedding photos

Go professional

  • Wedding photos are too precious to leave to an amateur, so this is the time to hire a professional photographer.
  • A professional will have the proper equipment and be able to review the venue to effectively plan the types of photos that will be taken on the big day.
  • It's also helpful to have a list of photos that you would like captured, such as pairings with certain family members.

Add the informal

  • As well as work by a professional photographer, delightful photos can be taken by family and friends.
  • Many will have their own cameras, so asking for copies after the event will add to your collection of memories.
  • Another way to have fun on the day is to leave some disposable cameras on tables for guests to use, which you can have developed later. This is a popular activity for children at a wedding.

Avoid discarding photos until they have been reviewed by the bride and groom. Some photos can be cropped and enhanced to create a close up or detail on something that was overlooked on the day or used in a collage effect.

Think artistic

  • Close-ups of a hand with rings, special effects with a wedding veil and other creative ideas should be embraced.
  • Start by looking through some portfolios and pictures that appeal to you, then discuss them with your photographer to see what can be created on the day.
  • Detail in the food and flowers makes an interesting photographic memory. Another creative trick is using champagne bubbles to enhance photos and create different effects.

Get everyone

  • Try to get a group photo with all the wedding's guests in the frame so you'll have a memorable record of everyone who attended. Don't forget to record the preparation for the day.
  • That final fitting for the wedding dress and the icing of the cake are all potential memories that lead up to the big event and are frequently overlooked.

Wedding photos are an important part of planning the special day. Get it right and you'll have memories forever.

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