How to get natural-looking hair extensions

October 24, 2014

Hair clip extensions are easy to use, and with practice, anyone can achieve full, gorgeous and natural-looking hair.

How to get natural-looking hair extensions

What are hair clip extensions?

Hair clip extensions are increasingly becoming an essential hair-grooming tool, easily solving various hair dilemmas such as too-short or too-thin hair, and unruly or flyaway hair.

Aside from instant volume and length, they also provide fuss-free styles such as curls and crimps that aren't permanent.

Hair clip extensions vs. traditional hair extensions

Compared to traditional hair extensions that are braided with natural hair or woven tightly on the scalp, hair clip extensions are faster and easier to use and more comfortable to wear, not to mention less expensive.

Practice makes perfect

Practice is key to having professional clip application skills. However, before experimenting with them, learn about selecting the appropriate wefts, application techniques and proper maintenance methods to make the clip extensions last for a long time.

Understanding hair clip extensions

Quality: The highest-quality wefts (the hair strips that make up a single extension clip) are made of natural human hair as opposed to synthetic material.

  • A good hair clip extension kit includes a care and maintenance instruction guide.

Size: Hair clip extensions vary in length, from 30 to 65 centimetres. Most DIY kits come with six or 10 extension pieces per set, with at least two sizes: the smaller ones for the sides and the longer ones for the back.

Colour: There are hundreds of colours and shades for hair clip extensions, making it easier to find the closest match to your hair.

Five easy hair clip extension tips that really work

  1. Apply hair clip extensions on tangle-free, dry hair.
  2. Experts recommend  sectioning your hair starting at the back of the head. Begin with the middle section, then slowly work your way forward, alternating between the two sides of your head.
  3. Secure the clip extensions as close to the roots of your hair as possible, but never so tight as to irritate the scalp.
  4. Make sure there are no bunched or warped sections, and that the clips are well-hidden.
  5. Apply hair mousse to dampen stiff hair clip extensions, or pre-rinse with shampoo and conditioner and air dry.

The possibilities are endless

With enough practice and confidence in your skills, you can try more daring styles to make the most out of your hair extension clips.

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