14 creative ways body jewellery can make any outfit unique

December 8, 2014

Body jewellery is more than just an accessory. It's a simple way to transform your appearance. Here are fourteen creative ways body jewellery can make any outfit unique.

Well-chosen body jewellery is sure to attract plenty of looks. Made with care, and often with precious metals and semi-precious gemstones, body jewellery is delicately attached to the skin or worn over an outfit. Here’s an overview of the best ways to wear it.

Stick-on jewellery

Some body jewellery is designed to be affixed directly to the body. It includes temporary tattoos and stick-on fake jewels, called skin jewels. Adorned with glitz, pearls, glitter, crystal and lace, these stylish and delicate accessories are ready-to-use, whatever your style may be.
1. For an Asian style, inspire yourself by the Hindu bindi—the ornamental dot worn by some women on their forehead.
2. Try wearing a skin jewel between your eyebrows or affix several tiny ones around your eyes or on your cheeks.
3. To replace a necklace, enhance your neckline with a few skin jewels.
4. To draw attention to your stomach, wear a few delicate skin jewels around your navel.
5. To decorate your bare back, wear a few skin jewels at shoulder blade level.
6. To add punch to your hairstyle, scatter a few tiny adhesive stones throughout your hair.
To preserve and reuse your skin jewels, stick them back onto the original paper mounting they came on. When they lose their stickiness, you can use body glue to make them last longer.

Body jewellery

Worn on the thighs and waist, or shoulders and ankles, body jewellery is delighting jewellers and women everywhere. Picture a pretty chain linking your neck to your waist, travelling down your back in an elegant cascade, as revealed by a backless dress. It’s the utmost in sensuality. You’ll feel at one with your jewellery and take pleasure in wearing it according to your personal taste.
7. Wear it on top of your clothing. Excellent with conservative attire, such as a white camisole and black evening dress.
8. Underneath your clothes. It looks great under a simple tailored jacket or blouse with a deep neckline.
9. With a bathing suit. Add a touch of glam to your beachwear!
10. Without any clothes on. When you’re wearing your birthday suit, body jewellery sensually highlights your waist and outlines your silhouette.
Head jewellery

Dare to wear body jewellery to accessorize your hairdos for every occasion. They give character to any hairstyle, whether it’s classic or sassy.
11. For a sophisticated look, wear your hair back in a bun with a braided or embroidered headband.
12. For a boho-romantic style, wrap strands of hair around a headband to form a crown.
13. For a medieval princess look, create a windblown look or weave hair into a fishtail. Add a tiara to embellish your forehead.
14. If you have fine hair, allow a few strands to slip over a piece of head jewellery to subtly give your hairdo more volume.
Whatever its shape or style, body jewellery is sure to make you dazzle—and turn any outfit into a unique expression of who you are.

14 creative ways body jewellery can make any outfit unique
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