How to keep up with your training while travelling

November 6, 2014

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, keeping in shape on the road can be an arduous task without proper planning.

How to keep up with your training while travelling

If want to keep up with your training while travelling, consider mixing informal and formal exercise for an easy and convenient solution to train when you're away from home.

Informal training

Walking is one of the most natural ways to train, and you will be doing a lot of that while travelling anyway.

At the airport

Wear your most comfortable walking shoes, bring a pedometer and consider trying some of these tips to keep moving:

  • Take advantage of the long stretches of space in airport and train terminals by walking the length of the concourses.
  • Make it your goal to not sit down until boarding time.
  • Try carrying your bags instead of rolling them.
  • Walk to the end of one terminal, then do bicep curls with your baggage for extra activity.

This informal exercise combines physical activity with the excitement of travel.

At your destination

Once you arrive at your destination, combine even more walking while out sightseeing:

  • Book walking tours instead of bus tours. With a good pair of walking shoes you can experience your destination in ways you couldn't on a tour bus.
  • If you're at a conference, find a stairwell during a break and walk up and down as many flights as you can. See if you can double the number of stairs you can take in the same amount of time by the end of the conference.
  • In your hotel room, grab a chair and do sets of chair dips, squats, lunges and push-ups.

Formal training

With a little research you can continue a formal training program while travelling.

  • Some airports have pay-by-the-hour fitness centres complete with showers and departure boards so you don't miss your connection.
  • Many hotels also have fitness centres with treadmills and weights. Hotels also have pools and many destinations have water activities. Going for a nice swim in a new location is a great way to stay in shape and fondly remember your destination.
  • Combine formal training with sightseeing by taking a run at local parks and tourist centres.
  • Seek out a jogging group or a local road race if you want companionship from other fitness enthusiasts.

A combination of informal and formal exercise

For most travellers, the best way to train is with a combination of informal and formal exercise.

  • Be sure to pack healthy snacks and seek out healthy dining options while you travel. Don't forget: watching food portions and getting a good night's sleep are essential to training.
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