Bug off: how to know when to call an exterminator

December 23, 2014

Many people try to handle pest problems on their own. But when the irritation becomes an infestation, it could be time to call an exterminator.

Bug off: how to know when to call an exterminator

It may start with a few ants or a roach here and there. Maybe you’ve noticed more wasps than usual or a mouse scurry across the floor. Your first line of attack is probably to try to get rid of these pesky pests on your own, but if you don’t take care of the problem properly, it will only get worse.

So how do you know when to call an exterminator? Here are a few signs that you may need professional help.

You could be putting yourself in harm’s way

Bees and wasps can be extremely dangerous in swarms, especially when they’re angry – and they will be angry if you try to knock down their hive or nest. Furthermore, if someone in your household is allergic to bee stings, you could literally be putting their life at risk. There are safer, more effective ways to deal with bees, such as collecting them in a bee vac and transferring them to an apiary so that neither of you gets harmed and they can actually do some good for the environment.

Nothing you do seems to be working

There are certain types of infestations that simply need to be dealt with by a professional, such as bed bugs. These pesky pests can hide in almost any nook or cranny, including along walls, in carpets and inside furniture. Only a professional exterminator can properly treat your entire home and rid it of bedbugs for good.

You’re too squeamish to deal with it

Some people have a real fear of mice and rodents. Just the sight of a little tail darting behind a sofa is enough to send them scurrying for cover themselves. Rodents can also multiply very quickly and become a bigger problem than most people can handle on their own. An exterminator will not only be able to get rid of the mice you currently have, but also properly repair and seal up your home so they don’t come back.

You have small children or pets

When you have vulnerable family members, such as small children or pets, you have to be very careful about bringing potentially dangerous pesticide chemicals into your house. Exterminators are professionals who have been properly trained to use these chemicals to rid a home of pests and rodents while keeping you and your family safe.

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