How to maintain your boiler so you can keep your house warm

October 16, 2014

Whether you have a boiler that runs on natural gas, propane, oil or electricity, it needs to be properly maintained by a service contractor. An annual maintenance schedule will let the serviceperson catch any problems and do the kinds of adjustments and cleaning that will keep the boiler working efficiently. Not only will regular maintenance save you money; it could also prevent you from putting your health at risk.

Have it done by a pro

Unless you’re a very knowledgeable DIY type, hire a home heating contractor to do the job. Here is what he or she will do during their checkup:

  • Check water and air levels
  • Maintain the combustion chamber
  • Drain the water, if required
  • Check if there are any leaking pipes
  • Measure the effectiveness of combustion

Maintaining your own boiler

There are some things you can do yourself to maintain your boiler in good working condition. Here are some useful tips:

  • First, make sure that boiler is set at the lowest temperature required for the heat distribution system. This setting directly affects your heating costs.
  • Check all visible pumps and valves to make sure there’s no water leakage.
  • Search for hot spots on the walls of the boiler and on the pipes. This will let you see if there are any gaps in the insulation. If the boiler is too hot for you to touch, it means there is a significant heat loss that is compromising the boiler’s efficiency.

Next year; same place, same time

You may feel reluctant to pay for a heating contractor to come in once a year, but neglecting to maintain your boiler may cost you more in the long run. Your home won’t warm up just the way you like, and you may find that your energy bills skyrocket.

Avoid poisoning from carbon monoxide

Above all, it’s important to avoid all risks of carbon monoxide poisoning if you have a gas-fueled boiler. You can install a carbon monoxide detector to alert you if a gas leak occurs.

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Now you just have to decide whether you know enough to maintain your own boiler or would rather have the work done by a professional.

How to maintain your boiler so you can keep your house warm
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