How to make a simple pot trellis

Buying garden art and yard decorations to brighten your yard can bust a budget quicker than you can say, "ornamental planter." Here is a a simple pot trellis project to make your garden stylish without breaking the bank.

How to make a simple pot trellis

How to plan your pot trellis

Brighten up a bare fence or wall with this simple pot trellis. You can change the look as often as you like — just unhook the pots and pop in fresh plants. Plant flowering vines along fences, arbours and trellises for maximum visual impact without eating up lots of precious garden space. Brighten privacy fences with trellises and flat-backed planters.

Before you head to the store or hit the workshop to build your trellis, measure the area you wish to cover. Then buy a trellis to suit the site or cut one to fit. You may wish to stain or paint it with exterior paint first. Then place the trellis in its spot, making sure the horizontal bars are sturdy enough to hold the weight of potted plants. Tip: When buying a trellis, save money in the long run by spending more now on one that's built to last - and be sure it's large enough to handle the demands of mature plants.


  • Wood (for wood trellis)
  • Clay pots (various sizes)
  • Galvanized wire
  • Pliers
  • Potting soil
  • Pants or herbs of your choosing

What to do

  1.  To fashion a pot loop, bend a length of galvanized wire to fit snugly beneath each pot rim.
  2.  Twist one end of the wire over itself and pinch tight with pliers, leaving one long end free for hanging.
  3.  Bend the long end of the wire to make a hook that fits snugly over a horizontal piece of trellis.
  4.  Customize your trellis with a colourful exterior paint or strain. Or give pots an antique look with verdigris.
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