How to make address labels and spreadsheets on your computer

July 28, 2015

Address labels are helpful if you have to send letters out to lots of people. Similarly, spreadsheets are a quick way to calculate and track your budget. Here's how you can save time by making your address labels and expense spreadsheets on your computer.

How to make address labels and spreadsheets on your computer

Make address labels on your computer

Using your computer software, all the work is done via a blank document.

  • Open your software and go to the mailing tab.
  • Follow the instructions to create a list of addresses for printing. The labels themselves come in many sizes, each with its own code number.
  • Your software should also list the most commonly used brands and sizes to format your document to fit.

Control your money with a basic spreadsheet

Computer spreadsheets are a great way to keep track of budgets and accounts. A spreadsheet is a grid of cells into which you put information in the form of words or numbers. Imagine the grid as a set of columns in an old-fashioned ledger.

  • To do a home budget, make a column for each month. For example, type the months of the year in row 3, beginning at column C.
  • Next, type the heading "Income" in column A, then add categories from all your various incomes into column B. Now type a heading "Expenses" and add your main categories of expenditure: mortgage, utilities, food and so on. It's easy to add categories as you go, such as holidays, perhaps, or Christmas presents. Try to be specific and avoid a huge "miscellaneous" figure.
  • Now type in all the figures from your bank statements, pay slips and receipts under the appropriate month and heading.
  • You can now get the program to do all the tiresome arithmetic for you, and so analyze your finances.
  • You're software should also allow you to see if your expenses exceed your income and you can get an instant figure for all food costs throughout a year, for example, or for all your expenditures for any given month. To calculate your monthly balance for column C, for example, type the calculation "(C10-C19)" and press enter on your keyboard.

Creating address labels and expense spreadsheets has never been easier. Follow these simple tips and get the most out of your computer!

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