Easy Tips for a Rug Maintenance Routine

July 27, 2015

Modern or antique, you need to care properly for these rugs to keep them in shape. These tips will point you in the right direction.

Easy Tips for a Rug Maintenance Routine

Before You Start

Not all rugs need the same care so figure out which ones can be put in the washing machine and which need to be sent to the cleaners.

When you purchase a new rug, ensure that you get all of the instructions for care. If you receive a rug as a gift and there are no care instructions, see if your local antique store or dry cleaners can give you advice.

Vacuuming with Care

You can vacuum your rug as though you are manhandling it or like you are caressing it with love. Take note of the following when doing your cleaning.

  • Vacuum orientals and other hand-knotted rugs in one direction only by "following the nap," so the yarns always lie flat. This puts less stress on hand-tied knots.
  • Take time when you vacuum an area rug as a quick once over is not enough to clean it properly. Move the vacuum slowly and do the rug a few times.
  • Choose your vacuum with care. A canister type vacuum is probably better for a large rug rather than a small one as it can withstand the suction easily.
  • It’s best if you clean area rugs made from the same construction as wall-to-wall carpeting with an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Fringes need separate attention. Only vacuum rug fringes with a hand-held dust or upholstery attachment.

Lengthening the Life of a Rug

Don’t leave a rug in the same spot for years without taking the following measures to extend its life.

  • A large area rug will gradually show wear if it is in the path of regular traffic. You can lessen this by rotating it from time to time. If the rug is reversible, flip it over.
  • Call in the help of a professional rug cleaner once a year for area rugs in high traffic spots. For rugs in low traffic areas, every two to three years is enough.
  • If the fringe on a rug becomes untied or loose, secure it with a slip knot. Once the fringe becomes less than an inch long, get it restored.

Easy Care

Once you know just how to need to care for each of your rugs to keep them looking beautiful, this household chore will be a snap.

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