How to make beautiful D.I.Y. headboards

November 3, 2015

To make the room your own, why not construct something completely unique? Here's how to make some great D.I.Y. headboards to spruce up any plain bed and spice up your bedroom.

How to make beautiful D.I.Y. headboards

Make a fabric headboard

One of the easiest ways to make a headboard for a plain bed frame is to create one out of fabric.

  • Choose either a pre-made headboard that's plain wood (one you feel comfortable cutting the centre out of) or buy some lengths of wood planking that can be nailed into the right shape.
  • There are only a few standard sizes of beds, so once you know whether you're working with a full, queen or king, you can easily obtain some measurements. The wood itself can be rough, as it will be covered by fabric.
  • The next step is choosing your fabric. Either choose a fabric that matches existing bedding or window coverings, or go with something completely new.
  • Your best choice will be upholstery fabric, as it is made for furniture and can withstand use.
  • Some fabric stores may even have remnants that are cheaper, making this a frugal project as well.
  • Pull the fabric taut onto your headboard frame and staple with an upholstery gun, or use upholstery tacks. Trim any ragged edges, and you're done!

Make a headboard out of an old door

Another neat option is using an old door as your headboard. These can often be found in your own attic or garage and can be either an inside door or even a front door that is repurposed.

  • This D.I.Y. project is quite simple; just sand the headboard and repaint it, if desired.
  • If you want to use it as is, you're finished - or you can cut down the door to the perfect size for the head of your bed.
  • Old shutters and other fixtures, such as louvred doors, can also work well in this manner. These items are often saved from renovation and can be repurposed for a beautiful new headboard.

Whether you prefer fabric or wood, and no matter your skill level, you can easily create a beautiful D.I.Y. headboard in a weekend. Get your inspiration from available supplies or the surrounding room, and make something new that expresses your style.

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