How to make curtains in 10 easy steps

July 25, 2014

You’d love to conclude the endless search for the perfect curtains by just making them yourself—the only problem is you don’t know how to make curtains. Well, stop fretting and just follow these 10 steps.
1. Choose a curtain rod

Before you begin to take the measurements, you need to choose a curtain rod; if it’s wider than the window, the curtains will need to cover the entire surface area. You’ll also have to put up the curtain rod in order to determine the length of the curtains.

2. Take the measurements

Measure the width of your curtain rod, as well as the distance between it and the place where you want the bottom of your curtains to fall.

3.Calculate the fabric you require

Multiply the width of the curtain rod by 1.5, 1.7, or 2, depending on how full a “gather” you would like. For the height, add approximately 30 centimetres to the distance that you measured previously to account for hems and any shrinkage from the wash.

4.Choose your fabric

The amount of fabric you need will vary according to the material’s width and patterns. To make two-paneled curtains in a patterned fabric, you’ll need additional fabric so you can match up the patterns of both panels. Don’t hesitate to ask a fabric store employee for help in selecting the right quantity of fabric.

5.Wash the fabric

Because the fabric will likely shrink a little, always wash the fabric before you cut it.

6.Cut the fabric

Cut the fabric according to your measures. If you’re making two panels, be sure to cut the second panel so as to align the patterns.

7.Mark your fabric

Using an electric iron, fold and mark your seams 15 centimetres from the top, 10 centimetres from the bottom, and one centimetre from the sides. To prevent edges from fraying, fold one centimetre of the fabric inward along the top and bottom, and .5 centimetre on each side.

8.Sew your curtains

Select matching thread and use a sewing machine to sew all the way around the curtain, about .5 centimetre from the edge.

9.Make the curtain head

The easiest way is to use clip-on curtain rings. Clip them on about two centimetres from the top edge. Leave 15 centimetres between each ring. You see? It’s not so hard to learn how to make curtains after all!

10.Hang your curtains

Now all you have to do is hang your curtains, and you’re done. If you run into a problem while you’re learning how to make curtains, go visit a fabric store. A sales associate can guide you through each of the steps and give you any other sewing advice you may need!

How to make curtains in 10 easy steps
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