How to make memorable wedding favours that impress

November 14, 2014

How to make memorable wedding favours that impress

A wedding favour is a small gift prepared for guests as a gesture of appreciation. By presenting guests with a favour, you are acknowledging their presence during the most important celebration of your life.

This tradition, which is common all over the world, originated in Italy, where guests received little, hand-packed parcels of sugar-coated almonds. While this tradition still goes strong, wedding favours have developed and expanded. These days, they can range from a box of doughnuts to a pair of cookie cutters. How do you decide what's right for your wedding?

Traditional with a twist

  • There's no harm in imitating the past, and the Renaissance Italians were a classy bunch.
  • However, sugar-coated almonds, delicious as they may be, feel a little outdated. For a more modern approach, you could replace the almonds with dark chocolate truffles. Wrap them up and dish them out in little personalized packages.
  • Have your guests' names inscribed on each box and have them waiting at the appropriate table.

Theme and style

  • Whatever you choose to give to your guests, the package is a crucial part of the overall favour. It's helpful to contemplate the theme of your wedding, the specific colour scheme and the style of celebration.
  • In the past, gauze bags were commonplace. To spice things up, opt for contemporary organza satchels, wrapped up in an elegant bow. Or, why not get your hands on a series of personalized boxes instead?

A different approach to distribution

  • Think up unique ways to distribute your favours. Leaving a little box or bag waiting on your guests' tables is one suggestion; alternatively, you could organize a kind of wedding buffet.
  • Supply your guests with little bags and encourage them to fill them up with a unique selection of enticing treats.
  • In the buffet, you could include chocolates, cookies, homemade granola or natural soaps — anything you think will make your wedding a unique experience.


  • These days, a do-it-yourself approach is highly advised. Whether you're preparing an awesome buffet or struggling to fill a bag with gifts that haven't been seen before, DIY is the way to go.
  • Wedding favours acquire that authentic and personalized feel so your guests know you've put in the effort. Look for recipes to create your own jam, cookies or fudge. Even soaps and shampoos can be made by hand.
  • Your guests like to feel that they matter to you. They know the day is about you, but when they're reminded that they're appreciated, the general atmosphere and mood of the celebration automatically improve.
  • At the same time, you want to give them something they won't want to throw away, something that adds a little something to their lives. Wedding favours are about giving back. Why not give back in style?
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