How to make moving your company and employees much simpler

November 28, 2014

Moving a business is a huge task. But it's for the better, right? These tips on simply moving your company and employees will ensure you don't get bogged down.
For your company

Provide guidelines to simplify the transition.

  • First, define your priorities and identify the challenges related to the move. Know the safety rules that apply, as well as the number of employees to be moved. You may also need to consider other changes: for example, if you intend to keep the same furniture or upgrade.
  • Contact at least three or four moving companies specialized in commercial relocation and ask for references.
  • Make a list of organizations to notify about your change of address: electric company and telephone service, government and financial institutions, accountants, lawyers, trade associations, customers and suppliers.
  • Inform your employees as soon as possible about your plan. If they’re interested, involve them in the process.
  • Assign "a transfer coordinator" to every department. The coordinator’s role is to provide an overview of everything pertaining to moving their respective department. They can also liaise between management and employees.
  • Inform employees one month before the move to give them time to clear out, sort and archive documents and files.
  • Break down the needs that each employee must meet to execute the move including what to pack and take with them. Provide instructions for what they are to do once they arrive at the new location.
  • Set up a communication tool for employees: this assists communication between the employees that are moving and the staff assigned to handle their transfer. It should also provide access to company rules and policies.

For your managers

Avoid moving-related problems by following these simple steps and asking your managers to do likewise.

  • Provide adequate support to employees and their families.
  • Employees and their families may find the change difficult, so try to foresee ways to avoid a hasty departure.
  • Try to offer the employees incentives to move.
  • Find solutions to minimize the costs assumed by the worker who has to move.
  • Put a clear policy in place regarding the transition and offer transport and logistics support as well.

Tips for moving to another country

  • If you have to wait before you can take possession of your new home, you’ll need to find temporary accommodation: a hotel, motel, relatives or friends will all do.
  • Ensure you have local currency.
  • Dress according to the season and weather. Check your destination city's forecast.
  • Consult a map of your new city to facilitate the move.
  • Learn about the local transit system.
  • Make a list of schools, public services and other notable organizations.

Most importantly, be patient, take care of yourself and devote time for the big day!

How to make moving your company and employees much simpler
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