How to market yourself as a house sitter

Working as a house sitter is a relatively easy way to supplement your income. However, finding regular gigs does not come without effort. Marketing your services using several methods can help you find regular work, which can boost your earnings and broaden your business.

How to market yourself as a house sitter

Word of mouth

  • Sharing your interest and experience in house sitting with friends and family is one of the best ways to secure regular work.
  • When your friends and family members spread the word about your services, you'll land jobs with people you know.
  • Design business cards, and hand a stack to family and friends. They can distribute your cards to interested neighbours, co-workers, and acquaintances, which can help broaden your client base.

Social media

  • Take advantage of social media to reach out to local clients.
  • Creating a business page or feed on social media will allow you to market your services, offer discounts and attract new clients. Invite current clients to like your page or follow your feed.
  • Advertise discounts, keep clients up to date on your availability and discuss the type of services you provide on this page.
  • Stay active on these pages so that you're the person your friends, family and clients think of when they need housesitting services.

Community advertisements

  • Expand your client base by advertising your house sitting services around your community. Look for community bulletin boards at local bookstores, libraries, and coffee shops.
  • Post fliers that advertise the specific services you offer and provide your contact information.
  • Publicize your house sitting business on local websites, and find out if your community newspaper has a spot to post local services on its website or even in the printed paper.

Business website

  • Social media is a good way to get the word out about your house sitting services.
  • Clients can easily find your business on the web if you have a website, in addition to a social media presence.
  • Your website can be basic, providing information about your professional history and availability as a house sitter.
  • Include a services page that lists your rates and the services you provide. Add your contact information to the website so that interested clients can reach you.

A reliable house sitter can ensure that a family's home, pets, and belongings are safe when they're away. Marketing your services through different mediums allows you to expand your potential client base and secure more clients, helping your business grow.

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