How to maximize the energy-saving benefits of electronic thermostats

Find out how you can save energy - and big bucks - with new thermostats.

New thermostats look sleek and modern, but did you know that saving about $180 a year on energy costs is also one of the best benefits of an electronic thermostat? Before electronic thermostats, remember the dial thermostat your grandparents turned back and forth trying to hit just the right temperature? Fortunately, the mechanical thermostat is quickly becoming just a memory. Even the HVACR Heritage Canada Virtual Museum features Honeywell’s “The Round” thermostat in its collection as a classic of 20th century design.

Affordable electronic thermostats of the 21st century

You don’t have to shiver and wait for an expanding metallic strip on an outdated thermostat to trip a circuit that turns on your furnace. And you don’t have to waste money on higher heat bills because that same old thermostat won’t turn off your furnace until it overshoots your temperature setting.

Why not enjoy the comforts and savings of a new electronic thermostat instead? Starting for as little as $40, you set your desired temperature on a clear LCD screen you can actually see. And the temperature you choose is the temperature you get.

Lower bills & less fuss – what more could you want in a thermostat?

Why not give up on expecting control from your old mechanical thermostat? All it does is make your furnace or AC cycle in a small range on either side of the set temperature, just to keep your house more or less warm or cool.

In contrast, you can trust a digital thermometer in an electronic thermostat to accurately read your home’s air temperature instead of guessing it. The benefit is comfortably steady temperatures within the money-saving ranges:in summer that's around 25 C, while19 C in winter is best.

Program your electronic thermostat for smart energy use

Nearly half of all Canadian homes have a programmable electronic thermostat. Why not join them?

One of the benefits of an electronic thermostat is that you can plan ahead. If you set a comfortable temperature for your kids’ wake-up time, your electronic thermostat has the house warm just before they crawl out of their beds. You not only enjoy the temperature you want when you want it, but you also get precise energy use.

What's more, you can track where your heating and cooling dollars are going with the energy history your programmable thermostat keeps stored in its memory. Your smart electronic friend even tells you when you have set an energy-saving temperature. The reward? Saved heating and cooling dollars.

Wi-Fi, smartphone or laptop controls – or let it program itself

Are you attached to your smartphone or tablet? Programming your thermostat for energy efficiency is already in your hand. Working late or on a last-minute business trip? A programmable thermostat connected to Wi-Fi tells your system to change temperatures. With a simple touch of your smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet, your thermostat is set.

Even better, higher-end electronic thermostats remember what temperatures you like and when. When you are away, your thermostat goes into energy-saving mode. The result? You’re not heating or cooling an empty home because your no-hassle thermostat takes over.

Want to know more about the benefits of an electronic thermostat? Call your local heating contractor about available models and installation.

How to maximize the energy-saving benefits of electronic thermostats
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