How to Minimize the Stress of Moving

July 28, 2015

How-to guide for minimizing the stress of moving

Moving from one house or apartment to another is a notoriously stressful thing to do. It's impossible to get rid of the stress altogether, but these tips can help you minimize the worry.

How to Minimize the Stress of Moving

1. Plan in advance

First, you should plan well in advance and delegate tasks wherever possible. That might mean hiring professional movers or simply asking friends for some help.

Three weeks or more before you move

  • If you're moving yourself, get boxes and begin packing non-essentials such as books, pictures and ornaments.
  • Get at least three quotes for van rental.
  • If you're using a moving company (a far less stressful option), have some companies come to your house to quote for the job. Be sure to discuss matters such as parking problems and items that will need special handling, such as a piano or aquarium.
  • Arrange to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

A week before you move

  • Whether you're using a moving company or not, pack a box with precious items — jewellry, heirlooms, ornaments — ready to take them with you in your car.
  • If you're moving yourself, consider taking out goods-in-transit insurance.

On moving day

  • Get an early start; it takes longer than you think.
  • Make sure all boxes are labelled.
  • Speak to the mover in charge when he arrives and give instructions only to him. Keep the workers supplied with cold drinks (even water is good) and snacks.
  • Pack a small box of essentials, such as a kettle or coffeepot, mugs or cups, tea bags and toilet paper, which you can get to immediately once you've moved.
  • Phone through all utility meter readings to the relevant companies.

2. Last steps

When leaving your old home

  • Lock all doors and windows before you hand over the keys.
  • Check you have done everything you agreed to with the new owners.
  • Leave your new address, so that the new occupants can forward stray mail.
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