How to nail your karaoke performance

November 3, 2015

Even if you don't have the best singing voice, you can still rock the karaoke stage. Here are a few tips to nail your next karaoke performance.

How to nail your karaoke performance

1. Song choice

Pick songs that are easy to sing, and then you won't have as much of a challenge to sing them in the karaoke bar. Not sure which ones are easy? Look for songs that follow a simple pattern of verses followed by a chorus, and then a verse again.

Also, choose songs that have a middle vocal range. You don't have to do a Whitney Houston vocal in your performance. If you can't sing, it's best that you steer clear of songs that require high notes.

2. Dance moves

Another great tip for if you can't sing is to add some dance moves to your karaoke performance. Use body movements to entertain the audience, and to distract them if you get off-pitch. The key here is to choose dance moves that you are confident doing and that fit well with the song lyrics. Otherwise, it will come off as fake and only confuse the audience.

With great dance moves, your time on the stage looks less awkward than when you just stand there, and, most importantly, it puts less of a spotlight on your voice. It does not need to be complex either, it can be as simple as moving around the stage. Watch videos online to see how your favourite stars use the stage for concerts.

3. Additional advice

After you have an easy song chosen and your dance moves are ready, the next step is to relax. Try to remember to relax your stomach during the performance, and to breathe during the performance as well. When you are tense, your singing voice may come across as strained or weak on the karaoke stage. While you may admit to not having the best voice, make the most of the ability that you do have.

Even when you can't sing, you can still deliver a killer karaoke performance. Choose a song that is a cinch to sing, and add dance moves so that your time on stage doesn't rest solely on your voice. Remember to relax, too. Have fun and you'll have the audience on their feet by the end of your stellar performance!

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