3 dollar store items great for organizing your entire home

November 6, 2014

Organizing your home is easier said than done. There never seems to be enough storage space or containers for all your household items. Meanwhile, laundry, bills and new toys continue to pile up. Fortunately, a trip to the dollar store where you'll find these three items can help.

3 dollar store items great for organizing your entire home

1. Plastic bins

Most dollar stores carry a variety of plastic bins, which are perfect for organizing a wide range of common household items.

  • Large sealable bins can store linens, blankets and bedding nicely in the back of the closet.
  • Medium-sized bins are great for keeping cleaning supplies together, organizing art supplies and stashing away maintenance items like light bulbs.
  • Small plastic storage bins can be used to keep shelves organized, store small items like thread-spools and knitting equipment, or even keep meat separated in the freezer.

The truth is, you can never have too many plastic bins, so stock up!

2. Magnetic strips

Because they attach firmly to the wall, magnetic strips take up little space while freeing up tons of real estate in drawers and on counters.

  • Large magnetic strips in the kitchen are perfect for lining up knives, ladles and other heavy and clunky culinary necessities.
  • In the bathroom, a magnetic strip attached to the inside of the medicine cabinet door helps keep tweezers, nail clippers and other small metallic objects – like bobby pins – exactly where they're supposed to be.
  • In the workshop, magnetic strips can be used to hold such items as lightweight hand tools, spare screws and washers.

3. Clothespins

Clothespins come in large packs at the dollar store, and a smart home organizer will always have an extra unopened pack of these handy items around the house.

  • Individually, clothespins can keep bills and other papers together, and you can even label them with a soft marker.
  • Use rows of clothespins to keep small articles of clothing such as tights and bandannas organized.
  • Hang clothespins along a string to keep all the kids' artwork in one place or create a daily menu board.
  • Wrapping your ribbons or twine around a clothespin is one of the best ways to keep them organized, colour-coded and from ending unravelled and strewn around the house.

It's easy to organize your entire home with these three basic and inexpensive items from the dollar store. With a bit of creativity, you'll add order to almost any room in the house before you know it.

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