How to prevent auto glass scratches

September 23, 2014

On top of failing at their only job, old windshield wipers can also cause scratch your windshield. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you avoid scratches on auto glass.

How to prevent auto glass scratches

Start with a clean windshield

If your windshield gets very dirty, help your wipers out by cleaning off dirt with a cloth. That way your wiper blades don’t have to drag the grit across the glass, which can causes scratches.

  • When you stop to fill up for gas, make it part of your routine to wash off the windshield or wipe off the wiper blades. This simple step will greatly reduce the likelihood of auto glass scratches.

Only run your wipers on a wet windshield

It’s not wise to run wipers on a dry windshield, especially if it’s also dirty. Make sure there’s ample moisture on the glass before you hit the wiper blade switch.

Keep your washer fluid tank full

One way to make sure you never need to run wipers on a dry windshield is to keep your washer fluid tank full.

  • Check your fluid levels frequently, especially in seasons where you anticipate lots of windshield wiping.

Replace worn out wiper blades promptly

Wiper blades work hard, and that means they wear down. To avoid getting scratches on your auto glass, regularly check your wiper blades to ensure they are in proper working condition. If they’re not, new blades are in order.

  • You can find wiper blades at auto supply stores and many superstores. Replacement is a simple DIY job.

Scratches on your windshield? Don't ignore them

If the scratches are minimal, you might be able to remove them on your own.

  • Try an acrylic scratch remover or by buff the glass with cerium oxide. These products can be found at a glass shop or online.

When to see a professional
If your car's windshield has deep scratches—ones your fingernails catch in if you run your hand over the glass—you need to have a professional auto glass shop take a look.

  • These types of scratches could potentially call for the windshield to be completely replaced. Though it may be costly, it's necessary for your safety on the road.
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