How To Properly Disinfect A House

How To Properly Disinfect A House

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In fact, whatever the season, viruses (like the flu) and bacteria will try to get into our homes.

Here’s a few tips to help keep them outside:

1.     Air out your rooms: Airing out a room allows for the dispursal of bad odors. Air flow also ensures that microbes and bacteria don’t stay in the air.

2.     Clean your bathroom: with the water flowing every day in the shower, tub and sink, the risk of mold is high. This is why it is important to properly clean your bathroom every week.

3.     Clean the kitchen : The kitchen is THE room that requires daily attention. We handle vegetables, meats, dairy products ... so many ingredients that require cleaning our kitchen elements (worktop, hood, refrigerator ...) and our utensils (cutting boards, knives ...) several times a day.

4.     Clean the floor : the floor is also known to carry a large number of bacteria and, if you have pets, they just add more; especially if they go out for a walk outside. It is therefore recommended to clean the floor with some cleaning products several times a week, even every day.

5.     Disinfect everyday items : we don’t think about it enough, but our cell phones, computer keyboard, remote controls are real nests for germs.

6.     Wash your sheets frequently: the most popular place in your home requires even more attention. It’s so much more pleasant to lie down on sheets that smell of clean linen.

These are just a few tasks that you can add your cleaning regimen, if it isn’t already!

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