How protecting your car's exhaust system keeps you safe

September 22, 2014

Is there foul-smelling smoke belching from your tailpipe? Is the exhaust rumbling, grumbling and making loud noises? If the answer is "yes", your car's exhaust system may need some attention. Here's what to do.

How protecting your car's exhaust system keeps you safe

Troubleshooting your car exhaust

There's an easy way to spot trouble with your car's exhaust system before it catches up with you. How? Your car’s “check engine" light. It's connected to your car’s on-board emission control computer, so you have an early warning system when auto exhaust problems are brewing.

  • Paying attention to it could help save you money and your life because of colourless, odourless carbon monoxide gas.

Every reputable automobile garage checks your exhaust manifold and gaskets.

  • If they have cracks, loose parts or leaks, you could be driving around with toxic – and potentially lethal – carbon monoxide inside your car. These problems are serious and need be immediately repaired.

Inspection laws about car exhaust protect you

Take an hour every six months (or 10,000 kilometres) to have your mechanic check every component of your exhaust system. A regular auto inspection may also be part of your province’s motor vehicle laws meant to protect you and the environment from chemicals that cause air pollution.

The checklist for car exhaust troubleshooting, repairs and replacements include:

  • Loose or broken hangers and clamps.
  • Rusted out or damaged mufflers and tailpipes.
  • Catalytic converters that fail emissions inspections.
  • Non-operating oxygen sensors.
  • Damaged, leaking exhaust gaskets and manifolds.

Your entire exhaust system is built to last, but everything on a car ages. Be safe and save money by taking care of your exhaust system. Your car will run better, longer.

Legally modifying your muffler and tailpipe

Making your ride unique may include modifying the sound of your car.

  • Before you swap your tailpipe and muffler for an impressive rumble, check the laws about vehicle modification in your province or municipality. Otherwise, you may be slapped with costly fines.

Canadian federal law firmly states your creative exhaust modifications need to leave your original emission control system and catalytic converter intact. Keep you wallet and your car's exhaust system out of trouble by following the rules.

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