How to protect your roof from snow and storm damage

October 24, 2014

Snow, storms and heavy winds can damage your roof and cost you a fortune in repairs, so take these steps to protect your home.

How to protect your roof from snow and storm damage

Prepare ahead of time

The best way to deal with weather emergencies is to prepare for them ahead of time. Assess the weather risks in your area to take precautions that can help protect your roof from potential damage.

Storm damage

According to Environment Canada, the impact of storm damage to a structure can depend on many elements, including the structure's condition and whether or not it's been constructed according to building codes. Even if a tornado or hurricane isn't involved, high winds can blow away shingles or remove entire sections of a roof. Hail can also present its own danger to structures. In August 2012, Alberta experienced a hail storm that was so severe, it was ranked as one of Canada's worst weather occurrences of the year.

The best way to protect your roof from potential damage is to have it inspected annually. In particular, you'll want to make sure that the shingles and rafters are secure and in good condition. If there's any warping, splitting or structural weakness, you'll want to get it fixed before those seasonal storms start to come your way.

Snow damage

That snow on your rooftop may look pretty when it's piled up, but the weight and moisture can eventually cause your roof to warp or sag, creating leaks. In some instances, extremely heavy snow can even cause portions of a roof to cave in. Fortunately, there are a variety of products available for removing snow from your roof. Just make sure to get it done on a regular basis, before the snow piles up too high and causes damage.

Lightning strikes

Don't believe the myth that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Toronto's CN Tower receives an average of 75 lightning strikes per year, but suffers no damage thanks to lightning rods, which you can also be install on homes.

Keeping your roof maintained on a regular basis and investing in a few maintenance tools can help protect your roof from its worst weather enemies.

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