3 simple steps for removing coffee stains from clothes

October 30, 2014

For anyone who drinks coffee, stains on your favourite shirt are annoying. Here are three simple steps sure to remove the worst coffee stains from your clothes.

3 simple steps for removing coffee stains from clothes

Steps to remove fresh coffee stains

Step 1: Using a clean cloth and a little cold water, sponge the stain thoroughly and then remove any excess water. If the stain is still there after your first attempt at removal, repeat the process until the stain has disappeared.

Step 2: If water doesn't do it, try a stain remover or cleaning solution on the offending stain, then wash the garment.

  • After using a stain remover, always use the cold water setting when using a washing machine.
  • Never pour a cleaning solution directly onto the garment. Use a clean cloth or cotton balls instead.

Step 3: Repeat step two as necessary, until the stain disappears. Then dry the article of clothing.

  • Never dry your clothes in a machine if the stain has not been completely removed. The heat from the dryer might “bake” the stain right into the garment.
  • Even if only a ring around the stain remains, this could leave a permanent mark on the material even after it has been washed.

Tips for removing old coffee stains

What can you do if you’ve already washed the garment before noticing the stain? Try one of these solutions:

Natural solutions

  • Apply an egg yolk to the stain. Let it sit until it dries, then rinse with warm/hot water.
  • Vinegar (blotted onto the stain) and baking soda (sprinkle on the moistened spot) should also give good results, as will a 50-50 mix of water and rubbing alcohol (blotted).

Home product solutions

  • Using an all-natural soap, rub a dry or slightly wet bar onto the stain. Let stand for one hour before lathering it up and rinsing it out with water.
  • Shaving cream/foam: Simply rub, rinse and repeat as necessary.
  • Toothpaste: Gently brush it into the fabric then rinse.

Special fabrics

Leather: This will require a different kind of treatment. Soak up any excess coffee and then apply a gentle milk-based makeup remover, vinegar or rubbing alcohol to remove the stain.

  • If a ring remains after you clean the leather, bring your garment to a reputable dry cleaner.

Silk and satin: You may use a solution of vinegar and rubbing alcohol, diluted with water.

Wool: This fibre will require a diluted solution of glycerin and ammonia. Another effective alternative is to blot the stain with 90 per cent rubbing alcohol.

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