3 easy steps to make mustard stains vanish like magic

October 25, 2014

No time to wash your favorite sweater right now? The one with the big blob of mustard? No worries. Here arethree easy steps to make mustard stains vanish like magic.
Step 1: Act quickly to minimize damage

At the sight of mustard, go into attack mode! Time is of the essence.

  • A cloth dampened with hot water is sufficient to save a garment freshly stained with mustard.
  • Should you ever think about hiding your stain under a jacket and waiting until the meal is over, get ready for this: the dried mustard will turn into a formidable enemy. By that point you’ll have to rely on a bit of magic from a combination of ammonia and mild soap.

Step 2: Choose the best cleaning solution suited to the fabric

First of all, remove any excess mustard with a knife. Unsure how to remove the remaining dried blob of mustard from your favorite item of clothing? It all depends on the type of fabric and using the best-suited cleaning solution.

  • For leather and cotton, rub with soap and ammonia.
  • For jeans and linen, rub the fabric with lemon juice.
  • For wool, add soap and ammonia to a container of water, and then soak the fabric.

For a stain that has dried on and set

  • Of course some day you will probably stain your garment with mustard splatters and notice it only several hours later. In that case, pat the stains with the corner of a clean cloth dipped in lemon juice as soon as you see them. The key to success here is patience.

Step 3: After rubbing, it’s time to clean!

After using the nearly foolproof lemon juice and soapy water method, it’s time to wash the outfit.

  • At this stage, if you want to avoid another catastrophe, don’t forget to read the label on your garment.

If allelsefails...

It’s a well-known fact that stains always happen at the worst time. Were you on your way out of the house when the incident happened? Or, even worse, were you on your first date together and you were too embarrassed to ask the waiter for some lemon juice? Above all, don’t panic.

  • The dry cleaner is sure to know how to remove your mustard stain. It will cost you only a few well-invested dollars for guaranteed results!
3 easy steps to make mustard stains vanish like magic
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