How to renovate your patio on a budget

October 31, 2014

With the warmer weather here who doesn't love the idea of relaxing on the patio... except yours looks weather worn and you don't have much money to spruce it up. Not to worry! Here are some simple tips to help you renovate your patio that will cost you next to nothing.

How to renovate your patio on a budget

Turn concrete into your prime asset

Got an old concrete slab that looks more institutional than inviting? You don’t have to rip it out and start over. When you renovate your patio on a budget, make the most of the material you already have underfoot.

  • You can begin your patio design by staining and sealing it in a one-weekend project. How? Many home improvement centres carry affordable concrete stains, paints and sealers.

One benefit is you get to play with a wide array of custom colours and finishes – solid, multicolour and even natural stone – to set the perfect base for your patio.

  • You can save on supplies, too. Chances are you probably have many of them already at home, such as sprinkling cans, rollers and scrapers. Check what you have on hand before you go and buy tools. Better yet, see if you can borrow them from a friendly neighbour or family member. (Just don't forget to clean them well before returning.)
  • If time is an issue, you could always rent a paint sprayer for one-time use.

Furnish a patio with re-purposed accents

Be creative! Remember that piece of plywood sitting in your garage waiting to be useful? With stencils or a touch of artistic skill, you'll have a brightly painted backdrop for an arrangement of potted plants.

  • Use a piece of plywood to top an outdoor counter or bar made of salvaged concrete block. It'll look industrial but chic.
  • Used pallets, sanded to smooth out rough edges and splinters, can make easy-to-assemble patio couches and chairs. What's more, it doesn’t take lots of sewing smarts to cut up upholstery foam and cover it to make cushions in any colour or pattern that complements your design.
  • An old table, chair or even a daybed make original and durable patio furniture with a little prep time and a coat of water-resistant paint.
  • Yard and estate sales, family and friends are all great sources for affordable or free items.

If you have to buy any patio furniture at retail stores, definitely buy off-season or wait for holiday sales for deep discounts.

Transform your patio with plants, warmth and lighting

In the spirit of reduce, reuse and recycle, consider making some beautiful and one-of-a-kind outdoor pieces.

  • Two old tires stacked, painted or stencilled, create unique-looking planters.
  • Build your own fire pit with salvaged pavers and spacers, with a coat of stain to make them stylish.
  • Inexpensive solar lighting, available at most home improvement centres, can help add pops of light along the edge of your patio at night. Simply push the lanterns into the ground on a sunny day... then let them light up at night.

Giving your patio a mini makeover needn't be pricey or take a lot of time. These budget-friendly tips can help you turn your DIY patio mini renovation project into a huge success so you can spend less time working on your patio and more time enjoying it.

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