3 simple ways to save money on car repairs

October 13, 2014

No matter how well you care for your vehicle, it'll eventually need repairs. To help protect your wallet, here are 3 simple ways to save with a few clever tips.

3 simple ways to save money on car repairs

There’s no getting around it. Spending money on car repairs is a downer. It’s often expensive, never convenient, and your car will always break down the minute you have a few dollars stashed away for a rainy day.

Here are 3 simple maintenance tips to save money on car repairs so your vehicle doesn't break your bank.

1. Befriend a good mechanic

A good mechanic can be hard to find. So when you discover one, treat them well. Tell all your friends. Keep that shop open so they are always available for your last minute repair needs.

How do you find this elusive amazing mechanic?
Ask your friends for recommendations. Check online reviews as well as reviews in car forum websites. Keep your eyes out for mechanics that have four-to-five star ratings, and take individual bad reviews with a grain of salt.

  • Developing a good relationship with your mechanic means you trust they aren't up-selling you on parts and services you don’t need. You may find this mechanic in a hole in the wall, or at your vehicle’s dealership.

2. You’re the owner, read the manual

Read your owner’s manual. Then, do what your owner’s manual tells you to do.

  • Get the oil changed regularly. Rotate the tires when suggested. Keep fluids topped up. Maintain the brakes in good condition. Check the belts.

Taking the time and money to do these regularly scheduled car maintenance repairs will lower your overall expenses down the road.

It’s also not terribly difficult to do some of these smaller repairs yourself.

  • Changing the oil, air and fuel filters, and wiper blades and checking spark plugs are easy DIY repairs. The majority of the information should be in the owner’s manual. If isn't look it up and give it a try.

3. Shop around

If you have to take your car in for a larger repair, don’t be shy about getting a second opinion. Be sure to get a written estimate, but don’t share that estimate with other garages.

  • Instead, have the second garage diagnose the problem and give you another estimate for the repairs. Armed with the knowledge of the first estimate, you can now ask questions about labour rates, additional parts, or unusual charges.
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