How to save money on your romantic hotel getaway

November 1, 2014

Plan a romantic hotel getaway without spending a fortune by following these simple tips.

Are you planning that perfect romantic getaway? Maybe a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake, where you can enjoy a carriage ride with your sweetheart after a day at the wineries? Or maybe you’ve pictured yourself around a crackling fire in a luxury ski resort in Whistler, BC. With breathtaking scenery and old-world charm, Canada has plenty of romantic locales. But if you’re not careful, you could wind up spending much more than you'd like. Consider the following tips and save money for when you get there.

How to save money on your romantic hotel getaway

Check out the daily deal sites

It never hurts to check sites like Groupon or RedFlagDeals™ to see what’s out there. You might just find that perfect romance package – you know the one with a Jacuzzi suite, room with a fireplace, chocolates, bottle of champagne, etc. These websites can provide you with deep discounts. Just be sure to read the fine print and understand any travel restrictions. You can also simply ask the hotel for any special packages they might offer.

Plan ahead

So, you might want to start planning more than a week before your anniversary. You have a much better shot of getting a lower rate when you book early. If you can, book several months in advance. If you book only a day or two before leaving, then expect to pay full price.

Consider travelling during low season

How flexible is your schedule? Do you only have a very specific window to travel? Another great way to save money is to travel during low periods. Booking your romantic hotel stay and flight on the weekend will guarantee higher rates. If you can avoid booking during the holidays or other times when most people are vacationing, that will benefit your pocketbook. You can also look into early morning and late night flights.

Package your trip and save

If your romantic hotel getaway involves flying or renting a car, you can package the deal and enjoy substantial savings. There are a bunch of sites out there like Hotwire™, Expedia® and many others. Be wary of the sites that do not tell you the name of the hotel before you purchase. When planning a romantic getaway, rolling the dice may not be the best idea (unless you’re going to a casino!).

Before you book your getaway to Love, Saskatchewan or any other romantic Canadian locale, follow these helpful money-saving tips and you’ll have more money to spend on candlelight dinners, boat rides, sightseeing or anything else that will make your trip special.

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