4 amazingly easy ways to save money and not feel deprived

November 6, 2014

Saving money doesn't mean pinching pennies at the expense of your health and well-being. Here are four amazingly easy ways to do it right and not feel deprived.
Saving money shouldn't mean severe penny-pinching to the detriment of your health and happiness. Holding back from normal living to prevent money slipping from your hands isn't a wise way to live and may defeat the very purpose of your financial goals.

4 amazingly easy ways to save money and not feel deprived

Are you frugal or a miser?

Frugal people see money as a means to live in basic comfort, opting to save rather than indulge in excessive luxury. Misers see money as a means to feel secure, but they may not want to spend it even for important things such as food, medicine or decent housing.

For the frugal-minded, money is something to spend now on important things and save for future needs. For a miser, money is something to hoard and accumulate, at all times and at all cost.

Four easy ways to save

Saving doesn't mean giving up the things you love to do or eat. Take a look at these four amazingly easy ways to become a better saver.

  1. Never skip meals just to save money. Simply cook and bring your own lunch to school or work. Making your own meals is even better if you have dietary restrictions, and you can prepare the delicious and healthy meals you love. Buy food supplies in bulk to enjoy wholesale discounts and scour local farmers markets for fresh produce.
  2. Don't pass up on the things that make you happy. If you love coffee, don't stop drinking it. Brew your own cup of joe at home instead of shelling out $5 every morning.
  3. Don't forego opportunities to be with people to avoid spending. A warning sign that your saving habits have gone extreme is when it prevents you from enjoying your social life. You can dress up, go out and be with people and not spend a fortune. Better yet, entertain at home and organize potlucks with your family and friends.
  4. Reward yourself after hitting each small savings goal. A personal gift, like a well-deserved spa massage or treating your dad to the summer blockbuster, lends more meaning to your success and allows you to save money without depriving yourself the benefits of your hard work. Celebrating your success is a great way to feel motivated and can leave you looking forward to your next goal.
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