How to screw materials together like a pro

August 23, 2015

Screwing materials together may seem straightforward. But are you doing it right? Here's a professional how to for screwing wood to wood, and metal to wood.

How to screw materials together like a pro

Screwing wood to wood

1. Make the clearance hole

  • Mark where you want the screw hole in the piece of wood you're fixing.
  • Fit a twist drill bit slightly larger than the screw shaft in your drill, and drill a clearance hole right through the wood.
  • Place scrap wood beneath the workpiece so you do not drill into your workbench.

2. Countersink and mark

  • Exchange the twist drill bit for a countersink bit and drill the countersink for your screw's head.
  • Hold the piece of wood you are fixing in position over the piece you are fixing it to.
  • Push your bradawl through the clearance hole to mark the screw position on the piece below.

3. Fasten tight

  • Drill a pilot hole the same diameter as the screw shaft, to half the depth of the wood.
  • Reposition the two pieces of wood and insert the screw through the clearance hole in the top piece.
  • Tighten it fully until the screw head is fully recessed in the countersunk hole.

Screwing metal to wood

1. Mark the position

  • Decide where you are going to place your fixture.
  • Hold the fixture in position and mark each screw position on the wood in pencil.
  • Use a level to keep things aligned if necessary.

2. Drill the pilots

  • Drill a pilot hole the same diameter as the screw shaft at each mark, to half the thickness of the wood.
  • If you find it difficult to gauge the depth, attach a bit of masking tape as far down on your drill bit as you need your hole to be.

3. Fix the fixture

  • Replace the fixture over the holes and drive in the screws.
  • If there's more than one screw, tighten them fully only when you're sure the fixture is straight and level.

Follow this professional how to, and you'll be sure to keep the job done for longer when you screw wood to wood or wood to metal.

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