8 things to consider when shopping for a waffle iron

October 1, 2014

Choose a waffle iron with confidence by thinking about storage space, cooking preferences, waffle style, cleaning ease, budget and more.
Here’s what you know: you love waffles and you want to be able to make them at home. But the variety of waffle irons has left you stumped. Which waffle maker is perfect for you? Find hints and tips below.

8 things to consider when shopping for a waffle iron

1. Assess your palate

When it comes to food, do you tend to choose dishes that are classic and comfort-driven or gourmet and adventurous?

If you’re all about classic flavours, a standard, round waffle iron might be perfect for you. Prefer to be daring in your cooking? A larger surface waffle maker gives you more room to experiment. A Belgian-style waffle iron provides a deeper cooking cavity that can easily accommodate batter with other toppings mixed in.

2. Cooking for a crowd?

Consider a model that allows you to make several waffles at once, so you can get your hungry group of friends fed in no time.

Other waffle irons feature plate patterns that make waffles easily broken into smaller waffles. That’s a great feature if you’re serving a group, or if you want smaller waffle portions.

3. Time considerations

Circular waffle makers heat up faster and cook batter more quickly than do square irons.

4. Ease of cleaning

Some waffle irons come with removable plates that make clean up a snap.

5. Available storage space

Some waffle irons are simply much larger than others! If you have limited space, you may want to consider a classic round iron as opposed to a larger, square multi-waffle variety.

6. Multi-functional options

Want to be able to make waffles but worry about having a single-use appliance in the kitchen? Some waffle makers are equipped with removable plates that allow you to pop out the waffle plate and swap it for a flat griddle instead.

7. Hi-tech components

Looking for more control over your waffle cooking? Some waffle irons come with browning controls. Others come with a flip-over function that helps with even browning. Some have countdown timers and ready-indicator lights.

8. Budget

At the end of the day, your iron maker purchase might come down to the amount of cash you have available. Weighing your waffle preferences, cooking needs and spending capabilities, you’re sure to find just the right waffle iron for your home!

Still not sure? Visit local home goods stores to discuss your wish list, and let a pro help you choose the perfect waffle iron.

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