Top tips on how to stock a refrigerator and keep odours at bay

If you select the right size fridge for your stocking needs, it's easier to keep a clean appliance. Knowing how to use the space will keep your fridge fresh smelling.

Top tips on how to stock a refrigerator and keep odours at bay

Stock your fridge efficiently

With just a few handy tips you can make the most of your fridge space plus get rid of stubborn smells and prevent new ones.

Follow these reorganisation steps to prevent food waste and have a permanently fresh smelling fridge.


A fridge packed to the max is not a healthy fridge. In order to work the most efficiently, your fridge needs room for air to circulate inside. The first thing you need to do is check that none of the circulation vents are blocked or covered up.


Deal with your fridge as though you always need to find items in a hurry. To start, group things together. Place condiments on the same shelf so you can grab them right away and store drinks in the same area. To make it even easier to locate items, put a lazy Susan on a shelf so you never have to dig around in the back of the fridge for that mayo again,

Leftovers Store

Make a decision about your leftovers. If you never get round to using them, ditch them before they end up in your fridge; they just take up valuable space. If you are a big believer in using leftovers store them in clear containers at the front of shelves so you won’t forget about them. If leftovers go bad before they are used, it’s not only wasteful but creates unpleasant odours.

Moisture control

Ban soggy fruit, veg and smells by lining the produce bins with paper towels for moisture absorption. When it’s time to clean out the fridge you can do a quick wipe around the bins with the towels before discarding them.

Keep liquids contained

Whatever the liquid, make sure that you store it in a tightly sealed container. This way, you prevent your unit from overworking and using more energy because you reduce the chances of moisture escaping and evaporating.

Deodorize with each new season

Keep your fridge fresh smelling with an open box of baking soda placed inside. Change it four times a year at the start of each new season.

Wrap foods up well in plastic, foil or bags to prevent unwanted sour smells.

If you need to get rid of a particularly offensive smell, dab some vanilla extract on cotton wool, place in a small bowl and out it on the middle shelf. Leave it there until the smell disappears.

By taking a few practical steps, you will not only have a spick and span fridge but know exactly what’s inside – down to the last jar of pickled ginger.

Easy Fridge Care

The bigger the fridge, the more chance you have of filling it with food you'll forget which will start smelling. Pick a fridge size which suits your needs and only stock what you'll use.

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