Start your new toolbox with these 6 essential items

Having all the right tools at home can help you with small projects or mini-emergencies. Here's a guide to stocking your toolbox with the essentials.

Start your new toolbox with these 6 essential items

Whether you live in your own house or a rental, sometimes projects can come up that require a little basic hardware. Hanging pictures on the wall, repairing holes in furniture, or doing bigger improvements like plumbing or tiling means that you need to have the essential tools on hand at all times. Here are the tools that everyone should always be sure to stock in their toolbox:

1. Screwdriver set

This is one of the most basic essentials for a DIY beginner. Screwdrivers come in handy for all kinds of projects, from unscrewing battery compartments to prying lids off of paint cans to unscrewing light switches. They often come in kits that feature a handle with rotating sizes of heads and both flat and Phillips-head pieces. It's an added bonus if they have magnetic tips because it makes the work a lot easier, especially with very small nails.

2. Hammer

Everybody needs a strong hammer around the house. It's best to get one with a claw so that you can use it both for hammering and for removing nails from objects and walls. If you want one that's more comfortable to use, try getting one with a rubber or plastic handle instead of a wood handle.

3. Tape measure

If you plan to do any home decorating or embark on construction projects, you'll need a tape measure. They come in different widths and lengths and it's good to get one that's at least five metres long in order to measure the length of most rooms and blinds.

4. Pliers

Pliers are another must-have for your toolbox. They can be used to twist objects, as a clamp or as a wire cutter. It's great to get a pair that locks—this will help avoid pinched fingers and other mishaps.

5. Level

A level is used to make sure that things you are hanging on the wall are exactly horizontal. You'll definitely need this if you plan on having any wall art at home.

6. Flashlight

Flashlights are essential for emergencies anyway but it's also good to have a spare tucked away in your tool kit so you can see exactly what you're working on.

These are the essentials you'll need in order to get started with any DIY decorating or home repair. If you're ready to advance to the next level, an electric drill will come in handy, but for most simple projects a hand screwdriver should do the trick.

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