4 things to plan to make your RV trip a success

November 23, 2014

Travelling in a motorhome or RV allows you to explore the open road in comfort and style. Before you hit the highway, here are four things you should always plan ahead to make your trip a whirlwind success.

4 things to plan to make your RV trip a success

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1. Book a spot before you arrive

Although part of the fun of using a motorhome is the freedom it provides, it pays to plan ahead.

  • One of the great benefits of travelling by motorhome is eliminating hotel stays, which usually eat up a big chunk of your trip's overall budget.
  • Sometimes you will have to pay a small fee when you rent a spot in an RV park, so think about booking ahead at some campsites to avoid arriving at a site that is full.
  • During peak times, you might arrive at a site and find it's bursting at the seams if you don't have a reservation.

2. Plan your route carefully

Consider pre-planning to ensure your route allows proper clearance under bridges as well as which bridges, tunnels and roads prohibit driving with a propane tank, thus avoiding any legal trouble or even a serious accident.

  • Calculate how much time it will take you to get your destination each day and plan not to stay too long on the road in a single day.
  • If you aren't already a member, consider joining an automobile club. They can provide good resources and information, should you need it.
  • Also, ensure the maps on your GPS are up to date. If you're travelling a route for the first time in a while, it may have changed significantly. Who wants to spend time being lost?

3. Stock up so you don't have to stop and shop

Although it's pretty obvious that you'll want to bring all the basic necessities, it's important to make a packing checklist.

  • Make sure you have cooking gear, medications, plenty of food, camping equipment, tools for breakdowns or fixing a tire and a backup battery, if you can squeeze it in.
  • Your own checklist might differ depending on the nature of your trip, especially if you're planning on skiing, biking or some other adventure that requires special equipment.

If you're just getting started with RV travel, learn how to check water levels for your shower, how to recharge a battery and how to operate a generator.

  • Seeking out tutorials online or learning from more experienced motorhome enthusiasts should help you get up to speed on the ins and outs of motorhome travel.

4. Assign tasks to your fellow travellers

If you're travelling with others, make sure everyone knows how to dispose of sewage, use the propane system and connect to a campground's electrical supply.

  • Assign tasks early and work on a rotating basis to avoid arguments. It makes arriving and setting up easier.

Ultimately, planning your motorhome trip should be approached as a fun activity that allows you to create your dream vacation. Taking care of potential problems ahead of time and travelling smart are just part of making it become a reality.

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