How to throw a glamorous Old Hollywood-themed birthday party

January 15, 2015

If there's ever an occasion that calls for lots of glitz, glam and show-biz style, it's an Old Hollywood-themed birthday party. Here's how to successfully pull one off.

How to throw a glamorous Old Hollywood-themed birthday party

Do you have a friend who just exudes Old Hollywood style? Or simply wish you'd been around to attend all the parties and soirées back in Hollywood's golden age. If there's ever an occasion that calls for a lot of glitz and glam, it's an Old Hollywood-themed birthday party!

Roll out the red carpet

If possible, find an event space in a building built in the 1930s or 1940s to lend an authentic ambiance to the party.

  • Pay particular attention to velvet drapes, chandeliers, statues, water fountains and other architectural details that add period character to the space.
  • If not, ask if you can add these details yourself for the party.

Have invitations designed to characterize the glamour of Old Hollywood with images of movie stars in elegant evening wear or some other appropriate elements from the period.

  • Many card design options are available online.
  • If you're not comfortable creating one, enlist the help of a friend who can capture your vision for the big event.

Think about using black and gold as your colour scheme.

  • Carry this colour palette onto table settings, favours and lighting – even wrapping paper on presents for the birthday boy or girl and your guest of honour!

On the night of the big event, be sure to have a red carpet rolled out for guests as they enter the venue.

  • Get a couple of friends to dress in vintage-style outfits and take photos as the guests arrive to add a ritzy, dazzling excitement to the evening.

Lights, camera, action!

Have waiters in tuxedos greet your guests with trays of Champagne, while other waiters offer hors d'oeuvres on trays.

  • If your budget allows, hire a band or small orchestra to dress in period costumes and play music from the era.

To add even more drama to the space, consider having poster-size images of old film stars hung around the room.

  • You could even ask guests to come in costumes related to the time period to add a nice touch of authenticity to the party.

Every great party needs a great cake.

  • Meet with a baker a few weeks before to share your vision of a sweet treat that will fit the theme of the night.
  • Trust the professional's ability to bring it to life: gold stars, movie clapboards, cigarette holders, tuxedos and Oscar statuettes are great ideas for an Old Hollywood-inspired cake.

With some simple party planning and creativity, you can throw a beautiful Old Hollywood-themed party that will take you, your guests, and the birthday guest of honour (if it isn't you!) back to a bygone era for an evening everyone will remember forever.

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