Save money by sewing clothes for your child

November 12, 2014

If you're looking for cost-efficient ways to give your family a unique wardrobe, it just may be time to break out that old sewing machine.
Your children grow, and then grow and grow again. Is your budget for putting clothes on their backs, growing, too? Probably not. Hand-me-downs and kids’ resale stores can work well for your baby or toddler, but when your three-year-old develops a yearning for bright pink shirts with kitten-shaped buttons, what’s your next move?

What about a sewing machine? Borrow your grandmother’s, buy one used or invest in a new one at your neighbourhood appliance store or sewing centre.

Save money by sewing clothes for your child

Don’t feel like you have any talent for sewing?

Have you ever drawn or traced a picture, made cut-outs for a school projects or put together your own outfits because you like to mix fabrics and designs? If so, you can probably sew for your kids.

If you're not sure you can do a sewing project without help? You can learn with others and never leave your house. There are tons of free online home-sewing videos, tutorials, blogs and printable patterns you can look through. Get inspired and join an online sewing community to share stories, questions and ideas.

Let your sewing machine help you be creative

Today’s sewing machines, even the inexpensive portable models for under $100, can boost your creative powers. They have helpful built-in stitch patterns, buttonhole features, auto threading, sleeve sewing functions and more. If you buy a particular brand from an authorized dealer, make sure you ask about free introductory lessons.

You can start small in cost, fabric and accessories

Impress your kids without destroying your budget at the mall. Fabric shops have sales and remnant sections with lots of great colours and designs in cottons that are easy to cut, pin and stitch.

Start simple with a sleeveless summer shirt or dress, no zipper or even buttons. You can embellish with easy, inexpensive appliques and washable cloth paint. This is one shopping trip and project that can be fun for both you and your children.

You’re sewing for a child, so it’s actually a bonus because you need less fabric. Feel free to experiment, learn from mistakes and add creative touches. And just think how much money you can save on play clothes and pyjamas.

Share your time and creativity with your child

Your kid – the best motivator to keep using your sewing machine – is with you every day. Taking measurements, marking patterns, folding fabric and quick fittings: a child can do them, so you and your child can do them together.

Crafts, holiday decorations and a one-of-a-kind wardrobe; the possibilities are endless and the time sewing together with your kids gives them projects to remember after they’ve outgrown them.

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