3 ways to prevent a pimple

August 21, 2014

An impending pimple brings out the worried teenager in all of us, so here are a few tips to help prevent breakouts.

First of all, what causes a pimple? Stress can be a big contributor to break outs. Elevated stress levels can cause pimples to surface, and touching and rubbing the affected area will only make things worse.

This is what you can do to prevent or minimize a pimple when you feel one coming on:

3 ways to prevent a pimple

Apply a hot compress

The first thing you can try is to apply heat to your impending pimple. Soak a washcloth in hot water and roll it into a ball. Press the hot washcloth on the area where you feel the pimple forming. Hold it there for ten minutes and then remove it. Repeat this two to three times, but be mindful to not irritate the space when pressing. Rubbing the spot will only make matters worse, so be firm and still with your compression.

Try tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an all-natural, topical treatment that works great for minimizing pimples. Even if the blemish has not yet risen to the surface, a dab of tea tree oil on the affected area works wonders. The natural drying properties of tea tree oil will help to lift any excess grease from the skin, drying out the pores around the pending pimple. Affordable and easily found in drug stores and health food stores, tea tree oil is an excellent remedy to keep on hand at all times.

Put toothpaste on it

Believe it or not, toothpaste is an effective measure to take when combating zits. Toothpaste contains something called silica, which is actually the drying agent you might find in a bag of beef jerky. However, using silica is a great way to minimize and treat a pimple that’s forming, as it will dry the area out, and prevent the blemish from growing in size. However, be careful to only use natural toothpaste when attempting a blemish treatment.

Many types of toothpaste also contain something called sodium lauryl sulfate, which can significantly irritate the skin. Apply the toothpaste using your clean, dry finger, and leave it on the affected area overnight.

No one likes zits, but feeling one coming on doesn’t mean you have to just sit there and deal with it. Nip it in the bud, and continue feeling confident, with your best face forward!

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