What to do if you feel emotionally drained in your relationship

April 17, 2015

Whether or not you’re simply dating, engaged, or married with children, the stresses of a relationship can often be very real, and place a large impact on those affected.

Try these following tips and begin to feel safer, more secure and happier as you combat your relationship stress.

Open the lines of communication

Here’s a thought: try talking! When you’re starting to feel overloaded, overlooked, depressed or just generally down about your relationship status, take a moment to discuss it with your partner. You may find that he or she is feeling the same way and you both can then work as a team to try and reverse the damage, or minimize the pressure.

Gain perspective

Remember this:Every story has two sides and every heart beats differently. Your dirty socks on the bathroom floor may not bother them the way that their passion for heavy metal bothers you, but everyone has their buttons. Try to avoid pressing theirs, and try to approach confrontation calmly when they press yours.

Make time for yourself

If your relationship has grown to become taxing, perhaps it’s time you took a moment away. Have you considered a retreat? A weekend away with friends? Find an activity that relaxes you, and allow yourself a few days to enjoy that. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Once you return, you will have had time to breathe, both physically, and mentally. This can be very helpful in a troubling relationship situation.

Your relationship should be your sanctuary. A place, and person, you can turn towards to feel safe, comforted and relaxed. If you're feeling that your relationship is making you feel emotionally exhausted, try the above tips. If you don’t sense any resolve, you may want to consider counselling to see what other options are best for the both of you.

What to do if you feel emotionally drained in your relationship
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