Important details to check when buying a home

July 29, 2015

Buying a new home is an exciting process, but don't be blinded by first impressions. Here are a few key elements to check before taking the plunge.

Important details to check when buying a home

Underfloor ventilation

Check that there are underfloor vents. They are desirable in all properties with suspended floors, but are essential under wood floors. A wood-framed and wood-clad house will often be open all the way around, providing excellent ventilation.

Electrical outlets and wiring

  • If the property has electricity connected, check that the house has sufficient power outlets for your needs.
  • Have a look in the fuse box to see how many circuits there are. You cannot always count on all power outlets being connected.
  • If power is supplied by a generator make sure it works, ask about its service history and the running costs.
  • Inquire about any natural gas installation on the property.


  • Water may or may not be connected, depending on where the property is.
  • If town water is available it does not necessarily mean it is potable; the supply may be supplemented by tank water for drinking.
  • Check that the supply has sufficient pressure to operate a washing machine.
  • Where corrugated steel rainwater-collection tanks are installed, check carefully for any evidence of rust. Look inside the tanks if you can. Concrete tanks should be checked for wet spots or patches.
  • Turn on taps to see if there is any loud banging that could indicate water hammer.
  • Flush the toilet to see if the cistern works properly and that there are no leaks.


  • Find out what septic system you have, whether it is a pump-out system or if the effluent goes into absorption trenches. Pumping-out means ongoing expense and breakdowns can be expensive to repair.
  • Sniff around for smells that could indicate problems.
  • Run some water into sinks to see if it gets away quickly; if water is slow to drain the waste-water system may be in need of expensive renewal.

Doing these quick checks could save you headaches and thousands of dollars in repairs  later on.

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