Invaluable tips to keep washing machines working

August 22, 2015

If your clothes come out of your washing machine less than clean, it might just be the machine that's at fault — not your detergent. Here are a few invaluable tips to keep your washing machine working hard and cleaning well.

  • Overloading your machine might not ruin it, but it will compromise how well it can clean your clothes and linen. Overloading can also create additional wear and tear on certain parts, such as bearings and suspension, making them prone to premature failure. Be sure to always follow the manufacturer's suggestions for load size.
  • If the hose from your washer discharges into a sink, avoid blocking the drain with lint by securing the foot of an old pair of tights to the end of the hose with a strong rubber band. Turn the foot inside out to clean out the lint after every wash.
  • Are your clothes catching on something in your washing machine? Rub an old pair of tights over the agitator and the tub surface to locate any rough spots and smooth them off with very fine sandpaper.
  • The agitator in washing machines is held in place with a tightly fitted cap. If you cannot turn it with a regular wrench, try a wrench used to remove oil filters in cars. These wrenches have an adjustable strap for a firmer grip.
  • If your washer and dryer aren't installed one above the other, it's easy to put things on their tops, which then drop or spill into the space behind. The machines must sit away from the wall to accommodate hoses and vents, so to solve the problem, cover the gap with a shelf mounted on brackets. Use the shelf to store detergent, bleach and other laundry products.
  • Detergent build-up can affect the performance of your washing machine. Run the machine through a wash cycle with a cup of vinegar to remove soap scum, then again with a cup of baking soda to neutralize any vinegar residue.

Keep these invaluable tips in mind and use them to your advantage and you'll be able to keep your washing machine working hard and cleaning well.

Invaluable tips to keep washing machines working
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