The gift of jewellery: ideas for life's most special moments

December 10, 2014

Both timeless and elegant, the gift of jewellery is always a good choice.

Here are some gift ideas for life's most special moments that are sure to be appreciated.

The gift of jewellery: ideas for life's most special moments

Who is the gift for?

To find the perfect piece of jewellery for every occasion, tune in and really look at the person who will receive it.

  • Think about their style and personality. Are they a bit quiet and conservative? Then opt for a timeless classic made of white or yellow gold.
  • If your loved one adores the limelight and follows trends avidly, then costume jewellery is a good prospect.

You could always ask a few discreet questions about their jewellery-based hopes and dreams if you really want to hone in on their preferences.

"I do" moments

One of the most important pieces of jewellery you’ll ever buy is an engagement ring. Matching wedding bands are the follow-up act to this parade of jewellery for every occasion.

  • As symbols of love and commitment, the engagement and wedding rings should be designed and made to be stylish and long-lasting.
  • The classic solitaire diamond in a white gold setting brings out all the brilliance of this precious gem, whether it’s big or small. And a ruby (symbol of love and passion), sapphire (peace and happiness) or emerald (fertility) could also make your sweetheart even prouder to wear her jewellery.

A baby on the way

Gentlemen, let’s get back to a good old tradition: offer a “mom ring” to your spouse upon bringing your child into the world. Whether she’s a new mom or an experienced one, an aquamarine or agate ring acknowledges her strength and courage and shows all your appreciation.

  • Remember that a new mom’s fingers may be more swollen than usual, so you might want to offer her earrings instead.
  • Wouldn’t baby look cute with a gold ID bracelet engraved with his or her name and date of birth?

Special anniversaries

There is plenty of other jewellery for every occasion that you can offer in order to mark a special time in your lives: you could offer a ring, necklace or bracelet to celebrate a marriage anniversary.

  • Buy silver jewellery for your 25th, a pearl for your 30th, and gold for your 50th. A 60th wedding anniversary deserves a diamond, don’t you think?

Life milestones

Birthdays, graduation, retirement, Mother's Day and Father's Day are also conducive to shiny finery. Here are some suggestions:

  • For her: a whimsical design of necklace and bracelet, trendy ring or pendant, small silver bracelet or colored cultured pearls arranged in a contemporary setting.
  • For him: a watch, steel bracelet, leather or silver cufflinks, or a fine silver chain.

Now it’s up to you to find out exactly what will please your loved one. We’re guessing that won’t be hard to do!

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