Karaoke: what your song choice reveals about you

November 3, 2015

Karaoke: what your song choice reveals about you

What does your karaoke choice reveal about you? We all have our "go-to" song when it's our turn on stage. Song choice provides a glimpse into the singer's personality, style, and quirks. Music, at its core, is a form of expression: it provides a voice for those who want to be heard. What's interesting, is the desire for that voice (and the audience that comes with it). Read on to find out more.

Karaoke: what your song choice reveals about you

1. An emotional impact

People gravitate to music that speaks to them, whether it's through the beat, lyrics, or vocals. Every song has a purpose; we have music to celebrate, to incite, to entertain, etc. A connection (or lack of) with a song is based on the listener's mood and/or current situation. Our song choice is a direct reflection of what we feel at any given moment.

2. It's our heritage

Occasionally, musical taste offers clues about where we're from. Entire genres came about for this very reason. Country music originated from folk songs early settlers brought with them. The Blues came from plantation workers' songs in the fields, which were often from their native country. Each area of the world has its own culture, with its own unique musical style. For example, country music is predominant in southern U.S. states, while Reggae remains popular in the Caribbean.

However, music is no longer isolated to the region it originated from - technology has allowed it to reach more listeners than ever before. That said, we are drawn to what we are familiar with. Many people enjoy the music they grew up with and frequently return to it.

3. A sign of the times

Age factors into our song choice as well. We all remember which songs were popular when we grew up. You probably know the feeling of hearing an "old" song on the radio, and thinking, "Wow, that takes me back." Memories, or nostalgia, is another reason behind our karaoke choices. Lots of singers pick songs they grew up with.

Music reflects its era; it represents society's shifts and overall aesthetic. Modern technology created a stylized, polished sound and presentation. Those who grew up in previous decades gravitate to more authentic sounds.

Karaoke is a fun, effective way to study those around you. You may gain surprising insights into other performers' background and experience.

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