Keep the area surrounding your home safe

June 25, 2015

Many people are concerned with how their patios and yards will look since that's the first thing to see, but safety should also be another important consideration. Here are a few tips to make sure the area around your home is injury-proof.

Keep the area surrounding your home safe

Yard and entrance

The steps from your patio to the yard are a good-looking and common device, but replacing the drop-down steps with ramps increases safety and makes it a lot easier to clean off the winter snow, ice and autumn leaves — not to mention how helpful it is to those with mobility issues. Here are a few other good ideas.

  • Repair uneven pathways and keep them clear of leaves, broken branches and overgrown plants.
  • Illuminate the entranceway and all steps in the garden with glare-free lights to avoid stumbling in the dark.
  • Install motion detectors on lights outside the house and in the garden so that when someone approaches — whether an invited or uninvited guest — the surroundings light up.
  • Lay non-slip doormats that are flush with the floor to make entrance areas safer.
  • Mount an easily-accessible doorbell and an illuminated, legible address number to help your guests find the right home.
  • Weatherproofing devices like non-skid stair mats or an awning will make you and your guests thankful in nasty weather.
  • Install a pump in your outdoor water feature. Keep water moving so mosquitoes can't breed in the standing water and spread the dreaded West Nile virus.

Patio, balcony and deck

A patio is a great place to unwind after a hard week. Just make sure that it's a safe place as well.

  • Flat thresholds on patio doors reduce the risk of tripping. It might prove helpful to use wooden structures to raise the level of the balcony floor.
  • A windscreen enables you to enjoy your outdoor space even on cooler days.
  • Make sure the height of the balustrade on the balcony complies with building regulations.
  • A transparent balustrade allows for a good view from the balcony even when you're seated, as well as curbing children's yearning to climb up and peek over.
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