Keeping kids safe St. Jean-Baptiste festivities

November 3, 2015

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is filled with festivals and celebration. But in the midst of the excitement, children may get disoriented and wander off. Here are tips for keeping your kids safe.

Keeping kids safe St. Jean-Baptiste festivities

1. Dress them in special clothing

  • An outfit with a special colour will help you to spot your child instantly if they get lost in a crowd.
  • Ideas include bright red overalls, a special fluorescent pink t-shirt or something else that will stand out in a sea of revellers.

2. Take a picture

  • Before you head out to the festival, stop and take a photo of your child dressed in the outfit they will be wearing. If you have to get help from the authorities or passersby to find your child, you'll be able to show them exactly what your child looks like that day.

3. Tie a balloon to their wrist

  • Give your child a big helium-filled balloon to hold during the festival. They'll be delighted to have the balloon, and you'll be able to spot them from far away if need be.
  • Make sure the balloon doesn't escape by tying it to your child's wrist.

4. Agree on a meeting spot

  • Don't get too involved in the fun and games until you find a meeting spot where your child can meet up with you again if you get separated.
  • Make it some place easy for them to see and remember, such as the carousel, or the bathroom stalls.

5. Go with a buddy

  • Once you start getting caught up in the excitement of Saint-Jean-Baptiste day, it can be hard to keep your eyes on your child the whole time.
  • Enlist a friend or a spouse to help make sure that someone is watching over the safety of your child all day. This will help take the pressure off so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

6. Avoid foreign food

  • If your child has allergies, stick to carnival foods that you know are safe, from brands you recognize.
  • Though it's great to try new foods when you're at home, it's not a good idea to introduce foreign foods to your child's sensitive stomach in an atmosphere where it might be hard to get help if they get sick. You're better off choosing foods that you know they won't have any reaction to.
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